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PlayGain is a spin-off company from scientific research by Marko Kesti. The foundation idea was that organization development can be fostered by combining evidence-based science and gamification.

We started the company with Mekiwi and a key specialist with some business angels. The first product was the leadership simulation learning game which includes scientific research key theories and findings.. The second step was implementing artificial intelligence learning support for the pedagogical learning game.

Our passion is to create innovative new generation solutions for organization development.

PlayGain Ltd

Address: Rantakukantie 1 B 9, 90540, Oulu, Finland

Tel. CEO Marko Kesti +358 (0)40 717 8006

Email: info@playgain.fi


Marko Kesti, M.Sc., Dr., title of Docent at HRM-Performance

Marko Kesti, M.Sc., Dr., title of Docent at HRM-Performance

CEO and Research

Works as research director at the University of Lapland, Finland. Completed Ph.D. in 2012 and is now leading the research program dealing with human capital productivity. Having title of Docent at human research management and human capital productivity. Has written several books of my research subjects, and am active in presenting research findings at conferences and seminars. Utilizing research results in helping organizations to analyze and improve their human capital performance. All my analyzing tools and development methods are widely in use at Finnish business and municipal organizations.
Terhi Kesti, M.Soc.Sc. (Man.), eMBA

Terhi Kesti, M.Soc.Sc. (Man.), eMBA

Finance, HR, and customer coaching

I have 20 years’ experience in productive leadership and HR-management.
My pro gradu thesis concerned experiences of playing and learning by the Productive Leadership simulation game of PlayGain. My special interests are situation sensible leadership, productivity, and QWL.
I have been a presenter at leadership seminars and workshop facilitator in-game playing sessions. My presentations are geared to helping supervisors to become more credible by recognizing the efforts of their leadership actions.

Juha Sääski, MSc., Phd.

Juha Sääski, MSc., Phd.

Marketing, sales and customer support

Enthusiastic and motivated to develop customer satisfaction through PlayGain product family.
Jani Kaipainen

Jani Kaipainen

Board member, advisor

Visionary, Tech entrepreneur. Interested in ethical development and utilization of A.I. Forever curious about the unknown .Other interesting keywords: space exploration, quantum physics.

Jaakko Asikainen

Jaakko Asikainen

Technical Advisor

Making things happend and exist, creating teams and products. In real life an astronomer, diver and circumnavigator.
Begüm Doğan

Begüm Doğan

Marketing Advisor

Marketing Lead @ Mekiwi and Marketing Advisor of LeaderMind project, also a friend of “AIMO” the Robot. Excited about immersive technologies and loves art history. In her personal life simulation, she is a traveler, mentor, activist, musician, and mother of 3 cats.

Aimo Leadermind

Aimo Leadermind

The leardermind AI-robot.

My AI is based on Bayesian unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning algorithms. My LeaderMind is based on QWL and HRM-Performance. I´m available for you to help you.


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Marko Kesti

Tel. +358 (0)40 717 8006
Email: info@playgain.fi

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